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A journey back in time. Largely a collection of tracks from my Soundcloud, this album features a variety of songs written between 2012 and 2016, presented in reverse order. Some of the tracks are just novelty songs and jingles written for commissions, while others are serious attempts at a new direction for my music overall.

  1. Jungle Boogie
  2. Crimesters Theme
  3. Crimesters Credits
  4. Just Destroy It
  5. Got It?
  6. Awake
  7. Polyominoes
  8. Airwaves
  9. Gondwanaland
  10. Slow Bay
  11. The New Window
  12. Electroverture
  13. Aba Daba Honeymoon
  14. Valentine From Sarah To Julian
  15. Make It Bounce
  16. Diamonds And Diamonds And Diamonds
  17. Awake (2012 Version)
  18. Mad Science
  19. This Sunset
  20. Millennium Bug
  21. Know That You’re Mine
  22. Far Away
  23. Ismelda The Bearded Mermaid
  24. Bandages
  25. Get Start!
  26. You Are The Birthday Girl
  27. You Are The Birthday Boy
  28. In The Marching Band
  29. Explosion Force (They Do It Right)
  30. Conro Corp Anthem
  31. Old Buggy Now (Solatrus Remix)
  32. Ithaca (hrmnzr Remix)

All music by Michael Guy Bowman. “Aba Daba Honeymoon” written by Arthur Fields and Walter Donovan. Featuring Clark Powell (cello; track 17), Erik Scheele (piano; track 23), and Riki Tsuji (additional synths, vocals, arrangement; track 25). “Old Buggy Now” remixed by Jeremy Iamurri (track 31). “Ithaca” remixed by Paige Stanley (track 32).