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My first independently-released album from early 2012. Rock and electronic sounds with a recurring theme of travel influenced by separate periods living in Los Angeles and Austin as well as a trip to the Philippines. Features collaborations with a lot of friends from the web.

  1. Old Buggy Now
  2. Ascension
  3. Come With Me
  4. Tacit Blue
  5. Rodeo Clown
  6. Cerulean Skies
  7. Noun
  8. Ithaca
  9. Kalesa In Binondo
  10. Underneath It All
  11. Laughing Forest
  12. The Roamin’ Bowman

All music by Michael Guy Bowman. “Ascension” co-written by Tyler Dever. Guest performances from Luke Benjamins, Katie Carrell, Thomas Ferkol, Andrew Huo, Jeremy Iamurri, Tavia Morra, Marcy Nabors, Clark Powell, Erik Scheele, Nick Smalley, and Peter Turner.