Electric Daydreams

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A real rock album, down to the utter basics: guitar, drums, bass, power chords, and weird stories.

  1. The Wild Years
  2. Touch My Brain
  3. We Don’t Know Anything
  4. Wherever We Go
  5. I’m Seeing Everything
  6. Suicide Hotline
  7. Tomorrow’s Gonna Come
  8. Purgatory

Released 22 November 2016.



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A journey back in time. Largely a collection of tracks from my Soundcloud, this album features a variety of songs written between 2012 and 2016, presented in reverse order. Most of the tracks are just novelty songs and jingles written for commissions, though a handful are some pretty cool experiments with ambient music and electronica.

  1. Jungle Boogie
  2. Crimesters Theme
  3. Crimesters Credits
  4. Just Destroy It
  5. Got It?
  6. Awake
  7. Polyominoes
  8. Airwaves
  9. Gondwanaland
  10. Slow Bay
  11. The New Window
  12. Electroverture
  13. Aba Daba Honeymoon
  14. Valentine From Sarah To Julian
  15. Make It Bounce
  16. Diamonds And Diamonds And Diamonds
  17. Awake (2012 Version)
  18. Mad Science
  19. This Sunset
  20. Millennium Bug
  21. Know That You’re Mine
  22. Far Away
  23. Ismelda The Bearded Mermaid
  24. Bandages
  25. Get Start!
  26. You Are The Birthday Girl
  27. You Are The Birthday Boy
  28. In The Marching Band
  29. Explosion Force (They Do It Right)
  30. Conro Corp Anthem
  31. Old Buggy Now (Solatrus Remix)
  32. Ithaca (hrmnzr Remix)

“Aba Daba Honeymoon” written by Arthur Fields and Walter Donovan. Featuring Clark Powell (cello; track 17), Erik Scheele (piano; track 23), and Riki Tsuji (additional synths, vocals, arrangement; track 25). “Old Buggy Now” remixed by Jeremy Iamurri (track 31). “Ithaca” remixed by Paige Stanley (track 32).

Released 19 July 2016.



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Returning to Los Angeles, I played with elements of New Wave on this expressionistic art rock record.

  1. I Have A Plan
  2. Hush Fell
  3. Synchronize
  4. Tribes
  5. Redshifts
  6. Rage
  7. Wrong Or Right
  8. Talk To The Words
  9. Hush
  10. Chameleon

Released 19 August 2015.


Comfortable Bugs

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An album from later 2012 in Austin, Texas. Psychedelia, soul, ballads, fusion. A period spent reading about quantum physics and experimenting with cut-up method and tarot cards.

  1. Hard Reset
  2. 69423
  3. Bad Dudes
  4. Looking For A Rock
  5. Comfortable Bugs
  6. I’m Letting Go
  7. Three Small Words
  8. Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes
  9. Roll With The Punches
  10. Light Of Apollo

Released 21 December 2012.



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My first independently-released album from early 2012. Rock and electronic sounds with a recurring theme of travel influenced by separate periods living in Los Angeles and Austin as well as a trip to the Philippines. Features collaborations with a lot of friends from the web.

  1. Old Buggy Now
  2. Ascension
  3. Come With Me
  4. Tacit Blue
  5. Rodeo Clown
  6. Cerulean Skies
  7. Noun
  8. Ithaca
  9. Kalesa In Binondo
  10. Underneath It All
  11. Laughing Forest
  12. The Roamin’ Bowman

“Ascension” co-written by Tyler Dever. Guest performances from Luke Benjamins, Katie Carrell, Thomas Ferkol, Andrew Huo, Jeremy Iamurri, Tavia Morra, Marcy Nabors, Clark Powell, Erik Scheele, Nick Smalley, and Peter Turner.

Released 1 January 2012.


Mobius Trip And Hadron Kaleido


The big collaboration: a concept album set in the universe of the web comic Homestuck as performed by the titular characters, designed largely by Tavia Morra. Combining themes from the story with quotations both of dialogue and previously-released music, Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido carved its own surreal niche of the sci-fi fantasy created by author Andrew Hussie.

  1. Forever
  2. Dawn Of Man
  3. Beta Version
  4. No Release
  5. Fly
  6. Lies With The Sea
  7. Chain Of Prospit
  8. Pumpkin Tide
  9. The Deeper You Go

Album art by Tavia Morra and Richard Gung.

Released 31 May 2011 by What Pumpkin.


Compilation Tracks

We Think We’re Playing In A Band: A Tribute To Tally Hall
Homestuck Vol. 9
Homestuck Vol. 8
The Wanderers
Homestuck Vol. 7: At the Price of Oblivion
Homestuck Vol. 6: Heir Transparent
Homestuck Vol. 5
Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead
Homestuck Vol. 1-4